What are the steps of the sale of your real estate?

1. Real estate price appraisal

The market value of a property is influenced by its location, state, views from the windows, etc. By visiting your property we will be able to determine its optimal market value, taking into account the current state of the real estate market, as well as the historical sales in the area. This is a key step to the successful sale.

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2. Home staging

Home staging will make your property a magnet for buyers. We will use special techniques to bring out the best in your property and show it to its maximum potential. Our designer will prepare your property for the photo shoot so that it looks advantageous on the websites comparing to other offers on the market.

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3. Professional photos

83% of all information is perceived by sight. People make purchase decisions based on their emotions. That’s why photos of a real estate has to evoke the right emotions, and only a professional photographer can capture them. It’s him who knows exactly what angle to take the picture from and how to set the lighting correctly.

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4. You approve the advertisement

We will send you the presentation of the listing for the approval before publishing. We will pesent its condition, describe the location and transport connections. Advertising real estate requires special language. The text should not contain excessive punctuation, emoticons, superlatives, “come and see” sentences and discriminatory sentences. Rather it should evoke the positive emotions.

5. Buyers Database

Your property listing will first be seen by 1,300 realtors in the RE/MAX network, as well as clients from our database who are currently looking for similar properties. Every day we and our colleagues encounter dozens of clients looking to buy properties. Thanks to the database of such clients, sometimes it is possible to find buyers at the very beginning of the selling process.

6. Online marketing

We’ll publish your offer on the most visited real estate sites, as well as on social networks. It is extremely important that the advertisement starts working from the very first hours. If potential buyers think that a real estate has been on the market for a long time, it will be a signal to them that they can buy this offer at a bargain price.

7. Viewings

We will conduct property viewings with potential buyers. We will also answer the phone calls and emails. It is important to understand that the sale of real estate, as well as any other product, is better to trust a professional who will negotiate the terms of the deal for you, and most importantly, on whom potential buyers will not be able to put emotional pressure, which is often exerted on the seller.

8. Regular reports

You will always know how the sale of your property is going. We will keep you updated on how many people have viewed the listing on all the real estate websites and how many people interested in viewing have contacted us. If the prospective buyers do not make an offer after the viewing, we will ask for the reason. It may be an indicator that we need to make changes in the sale process.

9. Prospective buyersscreening

The next important step is to check the solvency of the buyer. It happens that people will book a property and only then begin to find out if they are able to get a mortgage. If he or she is not able to finance the purchase, you lose valuable time in the sale, which can seriously affect the final price of the property.

10. Reservation agreement

If the propsective buyer decides to buy your property under the agreed conditions, a reservation contract is concluded and the reservation fee is paid. The property is thus reserved for this person and the parties have time to prepare the purchase agreement and arrange the financing. RE/MAX offers buyers a free service RE/MAX Mortgage that can positively impact the speed and success of the sale.

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11. Purchase price payment

The purchase contract is prepared by our lawyers and will include all previously agreed terms and basic provisions required by law. It will also describe how the money will be transferred from the buyer to the seller. In this case, purchase price escrow will be used. We will explain all the available options to you.

12. Final steps

After signing the purchase contract, we will take care of the final steps: submitting the documents to the Cadastral Office, assisting with the handover of the property, helping with the transfer of utilities, etc. We will be with you until the very end and guide you through the sale step by step.