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I live and specialise on the area of Velké Přílepy, Roztoky and Horoměřice in Prague West. I follow the real estate market here regularly and my market price analysis of a real estate in this area is based on combination of the data from comparing tools, my experience and my  knowledge of the local market.


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Frequently asked questions about property valuation

Is the property price valuation indeed free of charge?

Yes, the property price valuation is free of charge for the owners of the property that consider to sell it. If you need the price valuation for the heritage, divorce process or for any other reason where you may need it on official form, the price is CZK 990 for the apartment and plot of land, CZK 1990 for the house. If in the future you decide to sell this property with me, I'll refund you this amount. 

Is the property valuation request indeed non-binding?

Yes, the prepared analysis does not bind you to anything. If in the future you need an assistance with the sale of your property, feel free to reach out to me and I'll be glad to help with it.

Based on what do you do a property price valuation?

I use several tools which allow me to see:

- my personal database of the listings in the locations that I follow;

- the real sale prices of the similar properties sold nearby, those are pulled from the Land registry;

- the listing prices and their changes from the internal RE/MAX system;

- the current offers of the similar properties in the neighborhood.

How will I get the valuation?

The valuation that is made free of charge I'll send to your email.

The paid valuation will be sent to your email and if needed we'll agree on the hand over of the paper version. 

Do you consider the state of the property, anything else?

Yes, it is important to take into consideration the particularities of the property, such as its state, windows direction, neighborhood, etc. That is why the more information you specify in the form, the more precise valuation I could make. If I do not see the answers to some of the critical questions I need to know about the proerty, I'll call you to fill the gaps.

How the professional price valuation can help you?

You can decide whether to sell

You will find out the market price and decide whether it is the right time to sell or not.

You won't sell too cheap

If you set the price for your apartment too low, you will sell it quickly, but may blame yourself for selling too cheap. Thanks to a valuation, it won't happen to you.

You will sell within 2-3 months

A property with a correctly determined price will not stay on the market for a long time. On average, I sell each real estate within two months.

You will not ask too much

If you set the sale price too high, you can offer your real estate for sale for really loong and you probably still won't find a buyer.

No discount negotiations

If you have the right property price, there is no need to give discounts, as you will have more people interested in buying.

You can make future plans

If you need to sell your property and use the money to buy a new one, you know how much you can count on.