What is home staging?

How many times have you seen a property that’s a mess and visually unappealing with so much furniture and furnishings that it  is impossible to see anything? The lighting is dreary and the color questionable. There’s plenty of clutter, but no warmth, and perhaps, even a strange smell.  

More often than not, potential buyers/investors will be turned off by a property that looks like this. Too many colors, furniture and possessions make it difficult for people to concentrate on the property. Our eyes tire very quickly; the more we  see in a room, the less we can process—it’s called stimulus overload. When there is too much to see, we don’t see anything.

In order to gain an edge in today’s real estate market when buyers/investors have so many options, a property must be priced right and look better than the competition. One of the best, proven methods to faster sales is a process known as “home staging.”

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale by highlighting its best features and creating an environment that speaks to a buyer’s psychology. The objective is to have  potential buyers walk in and envision the property as their home. They can see  themselves living and entertaining there. It’s all about creating a space that makes buyers connect emotionally to it.

In home staging, everything is kept neutral so that buyers can imagine their own décor in its place rather than getting distracted by someone else’s style.

Look at some examples:

Homestaging after.jpg
Homestaging before.jpg
Homestaging Before.jpg
Homestaging after.jpg
Homestaging after.jpg
Homestaging before_edited.jpg

Does home staging really work?

Nearly all staging studies show that a staged home typically sells for a lot more money and sells in a shorter time.

Here are some facts:

  • Most buyers form an opinion about a home within the first 7-10 seconds of arriving.

  • In controlled tests selling identical homes, professionally staged vs. non-staged, the non-staged houses sold in 102 days, while the staged houses sold in 45 days. (Real Estate Staging Association)

  • More than 65% of real estate agents confirm that staged homes increase the price buyers are willing to pay by 3-10%. (NAR 2105 Profile of Home Staging)

How do I know if I need home staging?

Every home can benefit from home staging to increase its appeal to buyers. Even the most beautifully decorated and organized homes can benefit from it because what makes a home appealing while it’s on the market is different from what makes it appealing while someone is living in it. Empty homes benefit from it, too, because staging helps buyers visualize how to set up their furniture in it and understand the size of each room better.

Who will take care of it?

I work with the best professionals within this field in Czech republic. Their services are expensive but essential for the property pre-sale presentation. The cost of the services are covered within my commission.