Apartment rent in Prague

What if you're searching for a place to rent?

Can I help here?

Find a place to rent could be uneasy task. Even if you speak the local language not everyone has the knowledge what the rent agreement should contain and what the things that the landlord has no right to put in are.


You can choose from two packages of service: Basic and Full.

Basic is perfect when you have already found the place you want to rent and just need to check the most important part - the documents.

Service description:

- I'll review the Lease Agreement, make sure it does not limit you in the way that contradicts the law,

- I'll provide you the Apartment Handover Protocol with my recommendations on how you should take over the apartment and fill this protocol in order to protect yourself from the pottential future claims of the landlord.

Price: CZK 6.050, incl. VAT, full pre-payment is required.

Full is a full option when I'll assist you from initial point of searching the apartment till the moment you relocate in there.


Service description:

- we'll discuss your requirements for the apartment you look for,

- I'll prepare your CV to send to the potential landlords,

- I'll send you short listed offers that are currently available for rent (from all the market),

- I'll call to the apartments chosen to find out the terms and conditions of the rent,

- I'll organize the viewings for you, give my recommendations on the location, pluses and minuses of the place and if the rent and facilities prices are within the average for Prague and/or this district,

- I'll review the lease agreement,

- I'll accompany you to the apartment handover to ensure the handover protocol is filled correctly,

- I'll prepare the foto documentation of the apartment,

- I'll be available to  answer your questions within the length of your rent including the utilities recalculations.

Price: 1 monthly rent + VAT 21%, min. CZK 12.000 + VAT 21 %. Pre-payment CZK 5.000, the rest upon the signature of the lease agreement