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Prague is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Whether you want to buy an investment flat, find your new home or are interested in a large investment opportunity here - I can help you with any of those. Read more on purchase services or contact me directly

If you already own your property here I can help with selling or renting it for the highest market price.

Sometimes people just need a person of trust to take care about their property. You can rely on me with that as well.

Velké Přílepy

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Velké Přílepy is the place where I live with my family and which I know very well. It's a cozy little town only 10 mins drive from Prague.

Never heard of this magic place before?

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Prague West

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Many people prefer to live outside of Prague while being in its' close proximity. Northern part of Prague West offers amazing places to choose your new home in.

Living in Velké Přílepy I work a lot in the towns around it such as Roztoky u Prahy, Horoměřice, Tuchoměřice, Tursko, Holubice and others.

If you have your property in these locations I can help you with renting or selling it. Or maybe you need someone to take care of it - then I can offer you a property management service.

If you are looking to buy your new home in Prague West, feel free to reach out to me and I'll find your dream home there.

My clients in Prague West

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A young couple Oliver and Gwendoline were thinking of buying a flat in Prague. After I have shown them Velké Přílepy and the surroundings they were so amazed that for the same money they could buy a whole house here. Within a month I have found a nice house for them in Velké Přílepy.

Watch their video reference here.

Saurabh's family moved from Horomerice to Holubice. I helped them to sell their house and buy a bigger one.

Have a look at the presentation page I've created for their house here.

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Luca wanted to buy an investment apartment. I have found a perfect fit for him in Roztoky. 

Watch Luca's video reference here or read it below:

"Alexandra helped me to find the apartment, negotiated a nice discount and organised a mortgage. We started in July and in October I already moved in to my new flat. She speaks perfectly Italian and it was very handy to speak my mother tongue with her. I have already recommended her to several my friends and will be buying my next flat with her."

Andras and Edit wanted to buy a house in Roztoky where they have been living for the last 8 years. Instead I've found their dream home in Velké Přílepy saving them one third of their budget.

"Alexandra has provided us with valuable advise and help when we were looking for a property in the Czech Republic. We completed the search and contracting in just three months, this would not have been possible without her hard work. Alexandra has demonstrated a great expertise in her field. Her understanding of the market is remarkable, she is also skilled in the relevant legal and financial knowledge. She was very creative during the search process helping us to broaden our search. Working with her was a great experience that I can recommend."

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