Mortgage in Czech Republic


Many buyers choose to finance the purchase of a real estate with the mortgage. Even if you're a foreigner in Czech Republic, in most cases you can apply for a mortgage here.

I work with independant mortgage advisers who specialises on mortages for foreigners.  

Important to know about mortgage

My mortgage advisers cooperate with all the Czech banks so you do not have to go through each bank, they will do it for you.

They follow the latest bank news about the offers and restrictions each bank may have which will allow them to find the best proposal individually for every client.

The assistance with mortgage is absolutely free of charge for you, the advisers are paid by the banks.

My mortgage advisers speak Czech, English and Russian so you will have no troubles to understand the complicated transactional terms.

Benefits of taking a mortgage through my advisers

If you purchase with me


If you buy a real estate with me, using the services of one of my mortgage specialists will ensure the easy and smooth process of a purchase. There are hundreds of satisfied clients who successfully obtained mortgages using their services.

The first step before we start the search of your future property will be to get a pre-scoring from the financing bank. My mortgage specialists do it to all my clients which will give us almost 100% chance of successful financing by the Czech bank.


If you sell with me

Many potential buyers come to the vieiwing of a property without an agreed mortgage. I always ask them about the way they will be financning the purchase and if required I offer the services of my mortgage specialists. If a buyer decides to get a mortgage with my advisers, it makes the sale of your property much more secure and fast.

You can use the assistance of my mortgage advisers even without using my services -

in case you only need the mortgage. Just contact me and I'll connect you with them.