• Alexandra Kurbanova, real estate agent

Show must go on. Basics of safe property sale during the pandemic.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Shelter is one of the basic need of a human being. Hence even coronavirus cannot prevent people resolving their accommodation needs. Some were already in the process of purchasing a new house before the lock down, others have to leave their current rent because their contract is over. The demand has decreased but has not stopped.

For now I’ve postponed most of the viewings. But some things just cannot wait: apartments should still be sold, bought and rented. Too risky to make a viewing or to come for one? True, that’s why I had to amend my working style accordingly.


Before I agree with an interested party for the apartment visit in person, I’ll send her the video of the flat. This way she can have a better idea if it corresponds to her requirements.

If it’s a rent – an authentic mobile video works fine. If it’s a sale of an apartment or a house, 3D tour is the best option – people can walk all over the place. Last week a colleague of mine sold an apartment to people who have not seen it in reality, only on 3D tour 😊


Mask and gloves are part of the updated equipment list for the real estate viewings. I’m wearing them myself and warn all the potential buyers or tenants to bring their own.

“NAMASTE, pane”

Contactless communication with 2 meters distance is necessary nowadays. All the information to the interested party about the apartment is sent to the email. All the possible questions are answered via the phone to speed up the personal contact on the spot.


Every person who would like to come for the viewing has to confirm via sms or email that he or she is not in a personal quarantine. Since there is a high penalty for breaking this rule such a precaution will help to ensure no potentially infected people would show up.


If desired it’s possible to organise the signature of the documents where only one party would be present at a time.

There are many speculations in the press and online about what is to come and how the real estate market would react. Some are afraid of the price drop, similar or even worse than in 2009, hence they think about selling before. Others already feel the difference in the rent market and rush to rent out at reasonable prices – at least to cover their mortgage payments.

Whatever your reason may be, you may have questions on how to better deal in this situation and what would be your best option. Feel free to contact me and we’ll find the best solution for your individual case.

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