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Important laws amendments from 1.7.2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

New amendments to several laws have entered into force in Czech Republic from 1.7.2020. I’ve listed the most important changes that foreigners may face and hence should know about.

Possibility to add a penalty to the lease contract to ensure the tenant’s obligations

The maximum amount of the penalty cannot exceed 3 monthly rent payments. The landlord can take the penalty from the security deposit. This may lead to the increase of the security deposits requested by the landlords to ensure there is enough money to cover the potential penalties.

Obligation of an owner to notify the Association of co-owners of building (SVJ) about the tenants in his apartment, especially if rented as a short-term accommodation

From now on the owner should let the Association of co-owners of building know about tenants in his apartment, including their names, permanent addresses. This obligation includes the need to notify the fellowship about his intent to run a business in his apartment – for example, run there a short-term accommodation.

Right of the Association of co-owners of building to sell the apartment of the problematic neighbor

If there is a neighbor that constantly breaks the rules of the building, and hence limits the freedom of other apartments’ owners of the house, the Association of co-owners of building can newly warn the person and if no changes follow, to request the court to sell his apartment and move him out of the building. Such a request to the court must be supported by most of the apartments’ owners.

Sources: advokatnidenik.cz

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