• Alexandra Kurbanova, real estate agent

STORY OF ONE PURCHASE or How long does it take to buy an apartment in Czechia

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

When Alexandr and his wife Irina (names of clients are changed to preserve their privacy) came to Czech Republic, they wanted to buy their own apartment asap with the money from the sale of their home back in Russia. No point to rent a flat for long term if they would have their own place in 2-3 months. So they’ve accommodated in a hotel in Prague. Obviously one of the priorities when choosing an apartment was the possibility to move in asap, i.e. after the reservation payment is made. They were eager to pay the rent for couple months to the apartment owner before the place becomes theirs.

One seller – an old lady, agreed to allow the family to move in after the reservation is paid. So the choice of the apartment was made.

On the day of the reservation agreement signature it was announced that the lady changed her mind and Alexandr with his family would have to wait till the end of the whole transaction before they could move in. Why was the change? The lady “discussed with her friends” and was advised this was the common procedure.

Alexandr and Irina were in shock – they’ve chose this apartment because the lady had agreed to let them in earlier. Should they sign the agreement despite her No and search for another accommodation for 2 months or should they walk away and choose another apartment to buy?

Despite the unpleasant surprise the family decided to go ahead with the purchase of this apartment.

Long story short – it took 2 months and 5 days from the arrival of Alexandr’s family to Czech republic till the moment they got the keys from their new apartment: 2 weeks to choose the flat, 20 days to get the paperwork prepared, one month to get the title transferred in cadastre and the apartment to be handed over.

So short and easy transaction – you’d think. Short yes, easy – not at all. There was lot of emotions and tension from both sellers and buyers. But the day came and the family was very happy to start writing the new chapter of their life in their new home.

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