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Don't foget about tax declaration for your new property! Due date is 31 January.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Till Friday 31 January everyone who has bought, built or inherited a real estate in 2019 has to register for the property tax. The declaration should also fill people who made some changes on their current properties, for example added a floor or sold a part of the land.

The tax itself is not yet due, it should be paid only by 31 May.

If you own a property together with your husband/wife only one of you should claim this tax.

If you own more than 1 property you should claim all of them:

- If properties are located in the same area, i.e. you would claim to the same financial office, only one tax declaration should be filled;

- If properties are located in different areas, you should fill as many declarations as many properties you have.

You can fill the tax form online or by visiting the respective financial office.

ONLINE (Czech language only): you can fill the declaration via official website - https://adisepo.mfcr.cz/adistc/adis/idpr_epo/epo2/form/form_uvod.faces?CPodani=oqnjP0oIC4S-oHv8vrsTI4Zk&nov=1

After filling the form you’ll submit it online directly to the financial office. In the end print out the confirmation, sign it and send it by post to the respective financial office within 5 days.

PERSONAL VISIT (Czech language only): you can fill the same form in the office using the help of ladies there – normally they are happy to help filling the right indexes but do not expect them to speak any other language than Czech.

In the future, once a year you will be receiving a reminder to pay tax. A reminder will be sent by post or to your e-mail, depending on what you chose when filling out the declaration.

If you are considering buying a property in 2020, feel free to contact me. My clients do not go to the tax office ;)

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