Documents required for real estate sale in Czech republic

Who am I?

My name is Alexandra Kurbanova. I'm a real estate agent in Prague and its suburbs.

Because I speak English, Italian, French, Russian and Czech I specialise on helping foreigners to sell, buy, rent out or find a rent in Prague.

My goal is to take care about all the issues a foreigner may have when dealing with his or real estate in Czech Republic. I'll take care about the whole process from A to Z.

How will the selling process look like?

The selling process consists of 3 stages:


sale strategy identification and property preparation

Together we will agree on a sale strategy and prepare the real estate to the sale: I work with the team of specialists who will make sure your property will shine and will attract the largest amount of potential buyers. My team will take care of homestaging, small or larger repair, professional photos and video, 3D tour, etc.


advertising and sale terms negotiations

I will run different marketing campaigns which will include the local real estate websites, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn. Additionally I always do a campaign in the place of the sale. I'll conduct the sale terms negotioations with all the potential buyers to get the best conditions for you.

Sale closure:

documents signature and property handover

My lawyers will take care about all the legal paper work and the safe storage of the purchase price. Once the property is transferred to the name of the buyer, I'll help you to hand it over properly, transfer all the utilities and deregister from the property tax.

Why to sell your property with me?

How often does a person sell a property in his or her life? I sell them regularly. It allows me to orient myself well in the real estate prices, know the transaction process, use the best presentation and marketing methods to sell effectively.

What do I do differently than other agents?

Professional price valuation

Many agents just agree to the owner's asking price because they want to obtain this estate to their portfolio no matter what, nevertheless it's crucial to determine the correct market price for the real estate. I will prepare for you a detailed analysis of the market value of the property, and we will discuss the sale strategy to achieve the highest possible price.

Property presentation

The property presentation is the key to success of the sale. The whole team of professionals will work to make your property outstand of all other foffers on the market and attract the maximum amount of potential buyers. I follow modern real estate presentation trends and widely use 3D tours, videos from dron or visualisations.

Call out to outsiders

Thanks to my language skills - I speak English, Russian, Italian and French, as well as my constantly growing network on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn, I actively sell real estate not only to Czechs, but also to foreigners. I am one of the few agents on the Czech real estate market that I often sell to foreigners and help them with obtaining mortgages.

Progress report

With me you will always know exactly where we are in the sale process. At least every week I will be updating you on the sale progress and recommend what we should change in order to sell successfully.

What do my clients say about my services?


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