My clients' references for the sale service


Anastasia Kudrina

"My name is Anastasia. I would like to give a feedback on Alexandra Kurbanova's work. I found her on the Internet, I looked at her Instagram. I liked everything. So we called and then I decided to sell my apartment in Prague with her. I currently live in Miami and due to quarantine I did not have the opportunity to come to Prague. Alexandra arranged everything from the power of attorney, through all the documents to the payment of the remaining payments. Everything went quickly, without problems. I am very happy that I hired her. I highly recommend Alexandra to everyone."


Dmitriy Voroshilov

" Since the beginning I was only considering cooperating with a professional realtor. Sell by myself? No, it wasn’t an option. I found Alexandra the following way: RE / MAX – is the famous name, due to a wide outdoor advertisement throughout the city, there is a lot of information about it on the Internet, a huge number of reviews.

So I went to their website, they have a very convenient system there - you can search by area, and you’ll have a list of the specialists specializing for this area. 

And of course, languages. I obviously preferred to communicate in Russian.

I have not had any personal experience of selling real estate before. I heard how it was happening in Russia.

Here it was different. It was faster, more efficient, the realtor was in a constant contact with me. So even if there were no real proposals, there was always a feedback on what has been done, what was to be done and when to expect the results. It was nice, I mean I always knew that the sale process is actively running, that there are always some actions performed.

I am pleased with the cooperation with Alexandra. I could recommend her to my acquaintances, friends, relatives, because of the transparent sale process, where you fully understand everything and can control it. You are regularly informed, and you can always express your preferences, change conditions, and you always understand what to expect. 

I am certainly pleased with this and the fact that I received the positive result that I expected to get confirms my words."


Stephen McKenna

"I recently decided to put my flat in Prague on the market and I needed to find someone who could take care of everything due my frequent travelling. Alexandra provided that service and really went above and beyond to help me get my flat prepared for sale. Also Alexandra put a lot of effort into creating a marketing approach specifically for the flat I was selling including very targeted campaign to attract interested buyers.
If you are looking for someone highly professional and pro-active who puts maximum effort and energy to have a successful outcome then Alexandra comes highly recommended."

Nastja Rakhubovskaya.jpg

Anastasia Rakhubovskaya

"I highly recommend Alexandra, professional and responsible approach, easy communication and she is very friendly. She helped us with the sale of the apartment, when due to certain circumstances we needed an accurate calculation and final implementation at a specific time. She quickly found a buyer and all processes went on time. Alexandra was in constant contact and explained all the points related to the sale of the apartment. It also helped the buyer with the mortgage, thanks to which the sale was realized in the shortest time, which was very important to us. Alexandra helped with the purchase of a new property on several issues, even though it was not part of our cooperation. Thanks again for the great work."