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I'm a real estate agent in Prague, Czech republic. I work with foreigners to help them sell and buy properties in Czech republic.

Who am I?

My name is Alexandra Kurbanova and I am a real estate agent in Prague and its suburbs.


I've always been very passionate about the real estate. My first business of vacation rentals started in 2014 brought to me many people who needed help finding them permanent home in Prague.

I am part of the strong brand RE/MAX, working in RE/MAX Alfa which is the most successful office of RE/MAX family in Czech Republic. For you, it means a guarantee of quality and satisfaction, a high ethic standards and a complaint procedure. I work with the widest database of clients including the data from all over the world thanks to the access to RE/MAX Global and my personal contacts.

I speak 

How to sell a real estate in Czech Republic?

Take the first step - get a free property valuation

Why is it important to determine the correct property price?

Accurately assessing a property’s real market value is an imperative first step for a quick and successful sale. Underestimating a price will obviously minimise your profit potential and may even turn away potential buyers with the mistaken belief of something being wrong with the property. Conversely, overpricing may result in little buyer interest and a delayed realisation of profits – if any, after all time is money. Moreover, consequent price reductions may again turn off genuine but wary buyers.

How to buy a real estate in Czech Republic?

What are the steps and how can I help?

Learn about 6 steps that I will quide you through when purchasing a real estate in Czech Republic. 

I will take care about the full purchase process including:

- search of the suitable real estate,

- assistance with a mortgage at the best possible conditions, 

- safe transaction closure

Benefits of working with me

Easy communication: I'll explain you the important things in English, Italian, Russian or French and will be a bridge in communication between you and Czech owners, buyers, authorities etc.

Valuable recommendations: I live in Czech Republic since 2008 and I orient well in its geography, laws and customs

I'm a foreigner myself: I know what issues the foreigners may face when purchasing a property in Czech Republic, what may be their needs and how to resolve them.

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