Liability insurance. Why do you need it?

I am a real estate agent. Part of my job is also to advise to the clients on various obligations and best practices that are connected to owning or renting a property. One of such topics is insurance. Most of people heard about the need of having a house or a furnishings insurance but not everyone knows about one very useful type of insurance – a Liability insurance.

How does it work?

It is enough to have one insurance per a family and it will cover all the members living in one household including the pets.

What does it cover?

It covers such cases like:

  • Your kids will break something in the shop
  • Your dog will bite another dog or a human in the park
  • Snow falls from the roof of your property and damages the parked car of your neighbor
  • Your washing machine leaks and damages the landlord’s floors in the apartment you rent
  • You hurt anyone when riding your bike

and many other situations that sometimes make part of our life.


Many companies offer the coverage in the whole Europe.

The Liability insurance is offered by almost all the insurance companies. It can be combined with other types of insurances, for example, with household insurance.

This type of insurance is frequently requested in the lease agreements. I personally recommend it to both landlords and tenants, but according to my opinion it makes sense as well for all the parents, pets’ owners and people actively doing sports.

The price of the Liability insurance is around 1000 czk/year.

If you need help with getting the best offer on the market that fits your particular situation, let me know and I’ll share with you the contact to a good insurance broker.

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