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A realtor in Prague and Prague West

Alexandra Kurbanova - realtor in Prague

My name is Alexandra Kurbanova and I work as a real estate agent in Prague.

Prague became my second home in 2008 when I moved here from St. Petersburg, Russia. I was born in a beautiful small town lost in the Ural Mountains. 22 years later I graduated from the Saint Petersburg University with a 5-year degree in International Relations.

I have always been interested in real estate. My first short-term rental business brought many people to me who needed help finding a permanent home in Prague.

My second passion is languages: in Prague, a cosmopolitan city in the center of Europe, it has always been an advantage for me to be fluent in English, Czech, Italian and French.

I am part of the strong real estate brand QARA. For you, this means a guarantee of quality and satisfaction and high ethical standards.

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Richard Sviták

Richard Sviták

My name is Richard Sviták. I am a certified realtor at QARA s.r.o.

I was a professional ice hockey player for many years. It taught me teamwork, discipline and perseverance, which have proven useful many times in my professional life.

I have always been interested in trade and working with people. At the same time, I am one of those people they call “jack-of-all-trades” – I enjoy manual work and know a thing or two about construction. These three passions – trade, working with people and my love to construction, led me into the real estate industry.

Many years of experience in the sales industry help me sell and rent properties with success: I look for the beauty and advantages of each property, that I highlight to prospective buyers or tenants. I put my heart into my work. My only goal is a happy client who would come back to me and recommend me further. An amazing feeling of a well done job is priceless.

What clients say about my work

What clients say about my work

Certificates and attestations

Alexandra is an ISO certified real estate broker – the highest independent assessment of professional competence in the real estate industry that a broker can achieve.

The real estate market can be very confusing even for experienced realtors, let alone for ordinary people. In order to provide the best services to my clients and to protect their interests, we are constantly educating ouselves. We study the current real estate laws and best practices, finances and follow new foreign trends. Thanks to the RE/MAX real estate academy we are constantly taking different courses.

In addition, Alexandra is a certified financial advisor in insurance and investments.