Review: Dmitry Voroshilov

From the beginning, I only considered working with a professional realtor. Selling by myself? No, that was not possible. I found Alexandra in the following way: RE/MAX is a famous name thanks to its extensive outdoor advertising throughout the city, there is a lot of information about it and a huge number of reviews on the Internet.

So I went to their website, they have a very convenient system – you can search by area and you get a list of specialists focusing on that area.

And of course languages. Obviously, I preferred to communicate in Russian.

I had no previous personal experience with selling a property. I had heard how it happens in Russia.
It was different here. It was faster, more efficient, the realtor was in constant contact with me. So even when there were no real proposals, there was always feedback on what had been done, what needed to be done and when to expect results. It was nice, I always knew that the selling process was running actively, that there were always actions being taken.

I am very happy to work with Alexandra. I could recommend her to my friends, acquaintances and relatives because of the transparent selling process where you fully understand and can control everything. You are regularly informed and can always express your preferences, change the terms and conditions and always understand what to expect.

I am certainly happy with this, and the fact that I received the positive result I was expecting confirms my words.