Real estate appraisal

Why is it important to determine the right price of a property?

Determining the real market value of a property is an important first step to a quick and profitable sale. Practice shows that listing a property at lower price leads to a quick but unprofitable sale. Otherwise, if the property is overpriced, it may not sell for a long time, and when you do reduce the price, it will scare off potential buyers who regularly monitor the market, because it may mean that there is something wrong with your property.

How do we conduct a real estate appraisal?

The basis of the appraisal is the data we receive from you. We use our experience, real estate agency databases and price maps to conduct the analysis. Thanks to this, we can determine the current value of your property, which will be the key to a fast and profitable sale.

Who is the property appraisal intended for?

  • For buyers – if you are buying a property and need to make sure it is not overpriced.
  • For sellers – if you are selling a property on your own, I can help you determine the correct listing price.
  • For divorcing couples – for the purposes of division of matrimonial assets.
  • In inheritance cases – for a notary to assess the property of the deceased.

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