Don’t forget about the construction documentation!

Last month, we were taking over a house that I helped my clients to buy. The construction documentation for the house was one of the main points we were discussing with the seller since the beginning of the purchase. Starting January 2024, a new building law has been in effect, which has doubled fines for the absence of current project documentation for buildings. The fine, instead of the original CZK 200,000, in extreme cases can now reach up to CZK 400,000. Project documentation includes, for example, studies, zoning permits, or building permits. Therefore, buyers should always verify whether the house has the current project documentation. Unlike in the past, the new building law no longer specifies the seller’s obligation to hand over documents to the new owner. However, a potential buyer may insist on such a requirement or, for example, want to compensate for missing documents with a discount on the purchase price. When the seller does not have the documentation, parties can request it at the building department, where it should be archived from the time of the house construction. And subsequently have it checked by an authorized person to ensure it corresponds to the current state of the building.

Sanctions can also apply to those who carry out significant renovations without preserving the documents. If there have been any changes during use of the house — such as window replacement, insulation, or changing the heating source—then at least this part of the documentation should be adjusted to reflect the actual state. Updates are also necessary after installing a photovoltaic power plant on the building’s roof. The obligation to have current documentation applies to all buildings, not just new ones.

If the project documentation is completely missing, there are several solutions. One is to obtain a new documentation, prepared by an authorized person. An alternative solution is a so-called building passport. It is not as detailed as proper construction docuentation, it only reflects the current state and layout of the property. However, it is sufficient to comply with the law.

When I help clients buy property, I have a checklist of things to check so we don’t forget anything. One of those things when buying a house is the mentioned above construction documentation. Another thing is an building energy certificate and other important items. If you need help buying a family house, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Alexandra Kurbanova – real estate agent in Prague and suburbs.

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